At Home in The Amazon of Southeastern Peru

The variety of plants in the region will dazzle you. While the birds, monkeys, and Giant Otters might be the stars of the show, once you slow down to stroll through the rainforest, you will be rewarded with lush green plants, pendulous vines, bright blooms, and towering trees! 

Madre de Dios, which means “Mother of God” is a region of the Amazon, located in Southeastern Peru, bordering Bolivia and Brazil. CECCOT is located in the Tambopata Province of Madre de Dios, close to the town of Puerto Maldonado.

CECCOT's conservation area is situated in a remarkable ecozone -- highly acclaimed for its rich, biodiverse, tropical habitats.. Mature and secondary lowland rainforests, palm swamps, riparian corridors, and savannahs occur here. The Giant Otter and numerous other rare, endemic and endangered species live in these habitats. More than 1,000 species of birds have been noted in the greater Madre de Dios region!   

Hang out with birds! There are so many that you'll never be short on company with feathered-friends.

Our general location in reference to Puerto Maldonado and other local reserves. 

For useful information on how to reach us, go to our contact us page. 


The local weather is marked by dry and wet seasons. Dry season is from May to October, but remember, this is the rainforest! It can rain anytime, so rain gear is always necessary to have on hand. Wet season starts in November and continues through mid-late March. Days are mostly hot with lots of humidity, though early morning can be a little chilly. Occasionally there can be “friajes” (cold fronts) that can be cold with night-time temperatures in the 50’s, especially in June-September. When packing to visit us at CECCOT, please bring something warm, like a fleece jacket and warm hat, just in case!


Sleeping - Relaxing - Dining

CECCOT has a wonderful partnership with a local family, Herrera-Torres. We share the same eco-friendly and conservation-minded vision and have joined forces to promote conservation education and research of the region’s natural history with a minimal human footprint. Together, we  host programs, conduct research and provide lodging on land designated as our conservation area, CECCOT-Hacienda Herrera. 

The facilities are comfortable and constructed in a rustic, jungle lodge style, with thatch-covered shared bedrooms, a large and well-appointed common area, and plenty of tropical grounds and open space to enjoy. Bedrooms are dorm-style, holding 2-4 people, with a shared bathroom. Running water is available for bathing. 

We provide excellent food. Our aim is to serve all-natural, fresh, local, sustainable meals. Most of the food is vegetarian, with plenty of variety to fit almost every tastebud! You will have access to purified water and freshly brewed coffee -- to help you get up with the sun and explore all that the Amazon Rainforest has to offer!   

Technology in the Jungle? 

  • Solar power is available for charging and lighting, to be used in moderation. 
  • No Wi-Fi/internet on site - You'll have the opportunity to disconnect from the online/virtual world and reconnect with the natural world! 
    • internet cafes are available in Puerto Maldonado
  • Some cell phones are able to connect, depending on your provider's coverage area.
  • We always have local cellphones available for emergencies. Don't worry! 

** Check out our gallery of accomodations below. For a more extensive tour of Hacienda Herrera, visit their website's ecolodge information.